In conjunction with Sundown Schoolhouse for Queer Home Economics/Wide Open School at the Hayward Gallery. Many thanks to Fritz Haeg and Dr. Ben Campkin for the invitation.

With: Season Butler, Becky Cremin, Foodgasm: Sam Icklow & Liz Rosenfeld, Four Second Decay, Warren Garland, Alison Henry, Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt, Eirini Kartsaki, ASM Kobayashi, Johanna Linsley, Brian Lobel, Jan Mertens, Mysti, Owen Parry, Dan Paz, Hannes Ribarits, Sophie Robinson, Benjamin Sebastian, Jungmin Song, Helena Walsh, Lois Weaver, Eleanor Weber

Document #1: Four Second Decay, Moving Home

Document #2: Foodgasm, Lessons

Document #3: Eleanor Weber, K& me (on a rainy day)

Photos by Christa Holka

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