1. ]performance space[

see: Benjamin Sebastian, see: Bean, see: Poppy Jackson, see: listening, see: like, really listening, see: ‘we could be fucking and we wouldn’t be any closer’, see: holes, see: leaking, see: light

2. Butler, Season

see: Hans Christian Anderson, see: The Little Mermaid, see: Oulipo, see: admin aesthetics, see: cut ‘n paste, see: stationery fetish

3. Emergency Index

see: www.emergencyindex.com

4. Ishiguro, Yoko

see: blood (fake), see: how to make an entrance, see: meta, see: death scene, see: classic

5. Kartsaki, Eirini

see: repetition, see: repetition, see: repetition, see: voice, see: text, see: body

6. Lobel, Brian

see: Sex in the City, see: I want to be a Miranda, but I’m really a Charlotte, see: memory, see: countdown


see: Rachel Lois Clapham, see: Mary Paterson, see: Alex Eisenberg, see: Open Dialogues, see: the mark and the live, see: self-publishing as performance medium

8. Oliver, Daniel

see: the future, see: catastrophe, see: possession, see: séance as index of disaster, see: sorry

9. Robinson, Sophie

see: dogs, see: songs, see: poetry

All photos by Christa Holka. Thanks to ]performance space[

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