This is a bad essay.

No, no. This is gorge.

Gorge: Bad Essay is the result of a residency at the Delfina Foundation from January-March 2015. It comes out of our investigation of eating, dining, table behaviours, excess, queerness and domesticity. Along the way, we we fixed on the idea that Gorge might be an essay. Like the video essay or the performance essay, our meals might deliver an idea, or coordinate concepts, or make an argument. But like Theodor Adorno’s ‘bad essay’, we sometimes find that this work ‘chats about people instead of opening up the matter at hand’.

Gorge: Bad Essay has been performed at the Delfina Foundation (London), Buzzcut Festival (Glasgow), the University of Roehampton (London), and as part of Steakhouse Live at the Holloway Arts Festival (London)

photos by Christa Holka

photos by Colin Gray

photos Julia Bauer

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