Surface Tension Trilogy28

An I’m With you and Fringe! Production

Saturday 28 November, 2015 at Barbican, Cinema 2
3pm – Performance installations begin
4pm – Screening & Screen Talk

IWY curates artists Peter Cant & Krzysztof Honowski, Eirini Kartsaki & Emma Bennett, and Owen Parry to create an atmosphere of participation and conversation to complement the ethos of collectivity and critical communities exhibited in Liz Rosenfeld‘s The Surface Tension Trilogy.

In the spirit of collectivity and teamwork, we explore ideas of ‘mutual concern’: the social production of taste (and tastelessness), the distribution of ideas and objects, the circuits of desire that mark us as part of something bigger than ourselves, for better or worse.

Produced in partnership with Fringe! at the Barbican.

About the Screening:

This experimental trilogy by Liz Rosenfeld tracks the interwoven stories of famous (and infamous) women and artists in the city of Berlin during the Weimar era.

Dramatising the stories of Frida Kahlo, Anita Berber, Hannah Höch, Leni Riefenstahl and Eva Braun, Rosenfeld casts her friends as these famous figures and ‘queers’ the well-known aspects of their lives.

Rosenfeld explores stories from the past, and works across a variety of media while shooting in an obviously present day Berlin. These decisions prompt us to understand time and history as fluid concepts that can be unpicked, drawing attention to how we create narratives and identities and how they can be re-created through different representations.

The ScreenTalk is hosted by Irene Revell, director of contemporary art organisation Electra.

Frida & Anita (#) + Höch (#) + Die Neue Frau (#)
Germany 2012 Dir Liz Rosenfeld Total running time 66 min


Official event for Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest.
Fringe! runs from 24-29 November to venues across East London. For more info and full programme visit


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