Gorge: Mutual Concern

Gorge: Mutual Concern

A Gorge project from I’m With You & Foodgasm

Sunday 29, November 2015, 12pm-3pm

Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery
£25 advance, meat or vegan option (coffee and one glass of magic elixir included)
Tickets (limited, advance booking required): http://bit.ly/1Pt58rX


I’m With You joins forces with Berlin-based FOODGASM to produce a culinary extravaganza. In the spirit of collectivity and teamwork, we explore ideas of ‘mutual concern’: the social production of taste (and tastelessness), the distribution of ideas and objects, the circuits of desire that mark us as part of something bigger than ourselves, for better or worse.

Tickets are £25. The price includes a three-course meal, a glass of prosecco, and a profound, if temporary, experience of solidarity. Tickets are strictly limited because identification’s balance sheet has tight margins.

When purchasing a ticket, please indicate the vegan or meat option.

Gorge is an ongoing project of I’m With You, which brings bodies together around a table for a messy, politically charged encounter with other eating bodies. It’s ‘gorge’, like gorge yourself silly, until the gorge rises, and like: that’s gorge, babes.

FOODGASM Berlin is a performance collective working with food, cooking and the experience of eating to engage audiences with critical perspectives regarding labor politics, queer politics, feminism whilst giving us a means to express ourselves and to understand our environment and document our interests and love of food.



Official event for Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest.
Fringe! runs from 24-29 November to venues across East London. For more info and full programme visit http://bit.ly/FringeProg15


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