I’m With You is queer at home and in public, live on the scene and documented everywhere.

I’m With You began in the back garden of the house we shared in London. Since the first event in 2009, we’ve made IWY events in nightclubs to galleries, but also other domestic spaces. In 2015, IWY were artists-in-residence at the Delfina Foundation in London. Queer domesticity is the connecting thread for IWY and the spaces we use always reflect this interest. There are two dimensions to this interest that always seem to exist in some sort of tension. Flexibility, collectivity and alternative understandings of the domestic tend to be paired with the provisional, temporary and precarious. This is far from a unique observation, but we try to bring our attention to this dynamic in our work, even as it structures our own day-to-day lives in ways we may not be aware of. IWY is an opportunity for us to work through some of the politics of queer domesticity, but also a way for us to create space for emotional and physical reactions to these politics.

I’m With You is Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt and Johanna Linsley with a rotating set of collaborators and co-schemers.
Season Butler is associate producer with I’m With You.

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