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Foodgasm Berlin Presents: “Lessons”


You Can’t toast a fucking bagel at 11:30 in the morning? That is a symptom of a sick society!


You want to invite him to sleep on your living room floor for a week and break him… but really, that’s what needs to happen to you.


We are a coffee shop, not a restaurant.


Failure is just something to hide behind.


Hard Love.


Déjà vu.


I don’t want to do him, I like him.


Let the other people toast them, it’s important to know everything.


A judgement free brainstorming session.


Process. And Processing.


Foodgasm Berlin is a cosmic collision of lady feelings, process, food, memories and witchy archival behavior between queer, Berlin based, filmmakers Sam Icklow and Liz Rosenfeld.

I’m With You @ the Hayward Gallery

I’m With You
in association with Sundown School House of Queer Home Economics

@ The Hayward Gallery
Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Saturday, 16 June, 2012
£10, you may purchase day tickets at the door on the day.

I’m With You
enters the Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics on a Saturday, 16 June for nine hours of performative intervention.

We wonder: how do you make yourself at home?

Season Butler
Becky Cremin
Foodgasm: Sam Icklow & Liz Rosenfeld
Four Second Decay
Warren Garland
Alison Henry
Christa Holka
R. Justin Hunt
Eirini Kartsaki
ASM Kobayashi
Johanna Linsley
Brian Lobel
Jan Mertens
Owen Parry
Dan Paz
Hannes Ribarits
Sophie Robinson
Benjamin Sebastian
Jungmin Song
Helena Walsh
Lois Weaver
Eleanor Weber

RUNNING ORDER HERE (subject to change)

* and with special thanks to Fritz Haeg and Dr. Ben Campkin for inviting I’m With You to partake in this event.


IWY6 – Scarborough: THE BOOK

From 28th-30th July, 2011 I’m with you took over UK artist Kane Cunningham’s Cliffside “House” in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Our group of artists responded to the space in a series of performances-for-documentation. The resulting performances-for-documentation were composed of bathtub conversations, embroidered text, improvised type-writing, forensic evidence and scatological fiction.  They also subtly recorded the precarity inscribed in this site, from the literal and conceptual precarity Cunningham emphasises in his own discourse around his project, to the interpersonal tensions, conflicts and failures of understanding that often place community-based artworks on the edge.

This book, designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie, is a tangible product of the interactions from that residency, made possible the generous support of I’m with you audiences.

Artists participating in IWY Scarborough included project organizers Christa Holka, Johanna Linsley and R. Justin Hunt, and artists Eirini Kartsaki, Liz Rosenfeld, Jan Mertens, Owen Glyndwyr Parry, Season Butler and Sophie Robinson. The resulting publication was designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie.

You can purchase the book for £7 (plus additional shipping). Your purchase offers a glimpse into our weekend, the work, and supports future residencies. Click above on “Store” or click here to purchase now.