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Photo: Alex Eisenberg performing “The Eisenberg Method’ by Christa Holka 

A FORECAST Project of I’m With You
Barbican Conservatory
20 November 2016 | 2-5pm

A series of queer gestures towards an uncertain future. This afternoon of performance brings some of London’s most innovative artists together to reflect on the current period of unprecedented flux and to make predictions about what happens next.

Performances will take place over the duration of the afternoon and audiences are invited to engage for as long as they’d like.

Featuring Work by:

I’m with you
Owen G Parry & Bareback Museum (Miles Coote)
Liz Rosenfeld
Sheaf + Barley
Season Butler

Images: Christa Holka

Producing Partners:




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IWY 13: INDEX (announcement)









28 February, 7.30-12
]performance s p a c e [
Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Road E3 2NQ


There is the thing, and there is the thing that tells you about the thing.

Join us, so we can tell you about our things.

On 28 February, at the brand new ]performance s p a c e[, we’ll be getting proper meta, thinking about performance and notation, scores and scripts. The event celebrates the publication of Emergency INDEX Vol. 2, an indispensable resource which performer and Franklin Furnace founder Martha Wilson calls ‘a bible of performance art activity’. We’re also thrilled to be launching Chapter 1 of NOTA, a performative publication by Open Dialogues.

We’ll be presenting performance acts, video and text. We’ll talk, we’ll drink, we’ll index.

Artists include:
]performance s p a c e[, Brian Lobel, Season Butler, Warren Garland + Josh Baum, Yoko Ishiguro, Eirini Kartsaki, Open Dialogues, Justin Hunt + Johanna Linsley, Daniel Oliver, Sophie Robinson

About Emergency INDEX:
This is a bible of performance art activity. And if you are, like I am, a believer in performance art and the value of this ephemeral art activity to change the hearts and minds and consciousness of people, then you need to have this bible in your life. The end. —Martha Wilson

We’ve been seeing performance art materialize around us, but without feeling that there was a context for such ideas. Artists have been doing such pieces for a long time without much recognition that in fact their ideas are related. Now, with Emergency INDEX, we get the sense of a magical secret shared among many artists. Emergency INDEX is a profoundly important publication. It guides us to a new place. —Robert Ashley

Emergency INDEX vol. 2 will be available for the special launch price of £10.

About NOTA Chapter 1:

NOTA: NOT, NOTES, NOTER, (NOTA), (NOT/A), is a research framework produced by Open Dialogues that presses on time, place and quality of notes in relation to performance.

Chapter 1 is the first of ten publications that accompany the work. It is a collection of time-stamped documents – handwritten notes, absent-minded doodles and choreographic diagrams – that were NOTAted in relation to SHOWTiME performance festival (2012) and includes a critical text by Rachel Lois and Mary of Open Dialogues on the subject of notes as the future of performance remains.

Chapter 1 will be assembled live on the evening of the launch by Rachel Lois and Mary, bound by hand and finished with a unique time-stamp. No two publications are the same. Available for the special launch price of £4.

IWY 12: DAYTIME DRAMA (announcement)










13 December/ 12-8.30pm/ Rivington Place, EC2A 3BA

Aspirational ‘How-to’/Trash TV/Domestic Labour/Daytime Drama


Durational Dramas

Alex Eisenberg & Rosie Carr/ Figs in Wigs/ Gia Mitchell/ Michael Ovaska/ Alex Van Vliet/ David Wilson/ Kerry Underhill/ Liz Rosenfeld/ Helena Walsh



Katy Baird & Lucy Hutson


Short Acts

Owen Glyndwr Parry/ Season Butler/ Sophie Robinson/ Johanna Linsley/ Oriana Fox/ Benjamin Sebastian/ Dr. Sharon Husbands

IWY 11: Gorge

On 5th September, I’m With You comes to Ipswich, to gorge in the Pacitti Company’s new space. Like gorge yourself silly, until the gorge rises, and like that’s gorge, babez. Part performance, part meal, Gorge brings bodies around a dinner table for a messy, politically-charged encounter with other eating bodies.

We think of The Futurist Cookbook, and the inedible, and the tasteless. We think of wholesome, nutritious Fluxus acts, and when we try to make a salad, we accidentally deep-fry it. We think of Kate Zambreno‘s provocation to taxonomise (women’s) writing styles as anorexic or bulimic, and we think about our own disordered eating episodes until we want to throw up.

We think about Barbara Kirschenblatt-Gimblett, and food as performance. We think about recipes as scores, like Goat Island‘s task-based and essayistic performance practice.

We think about second-wave feminism, and dining with Judy Chicago. We think about sell-by dates and use-by dates and we shake off the idea that we’re just a little bit past it.

We think about Nigella Lawson’s silky swagger, and just a little midnight snack. We think about a thousand middle class supper clubs, and we think about global food shortages. We think of Lauren Berlant on Mary Gaitskill, and food as incantation, and pleasures that make us feel bad. We think of Mervyn Peake, and Gormenghast, and hot, sweaty, murderous kitchens. We think about a comestible Gothic, an idea that both arrests us, and gets the juices flowing.

We are excellent hosts. We take hospitality seriously – the home and the guest constitute an important dynamic for us.

And we are good cooks, actually, unlike Zelda Fitzgerald, who struggles wittily with toast in her recipe for ‘Breakfast’. This time, tho, we’re taking on the idea of the takeaway, the abundance of absence, and what’s the takeaway on this meeting, hmmmm?

More on all of this (including VERY SPECIAL GUESTS) soon.

In the meantime, book your tickets in advance. We’d love to have you for dinner.

IWY6 – Scarborough: THE BOOK

From 28th-30th July, 2011 I’m with you took over UK artist Kane Cunningham’s Cliffside “House” in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Our group of artists responded to the space in a series of performances-for-documentation. The resulting performances-for-documentation were composed of bathtub conversations, embroidered text, improvised type-writing, forensic evidence and scatological fiction.  They also subtly recorded the precarity inscribed in this site, from the literal and conceptual precarity Cunningham emphasises in his own discourse around his project, to the interpersonal tensions, conflicts and failures of understanding that often place community-based artworks on the edge.

This book, designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie, is a tangible product of the interactions from that residency, made possible the generous support of I’m with you audiences.

Artists participating in IWY Scarborough included project organizers Christa Holka, Johanna Linsley and R. Justin Hunt, and artists Eirini Kartsaki, Liz Rosenfeld, Jan Mertens, Owen Glyndwyr Parry, Season Butler and Sophie Robinson. The resulting publication was designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie.

You can purchase the book for £7 (plus additional shipping). Your purchase offers a glimpse into our weekend, the work, and supports future residencies. Click above on “Store” or click here to purchase now.

I’M WITH YOU on APRIL 9, 2011

IWU @ Vogue Fabrics

The fifth installment of this ambitious mobile performance series, which has so far occupied flats and houses and gardens in and around Hackney.   A full day of programming is set to invade Vogue Fabrics and the Royal Dalston Hotel on Saturday, 9 April.

From 4-7pm: durational performance, video and sound installation inhabit the building. From 7-9pm: a volatile set of short live acts swarm the basement club.  Then stick around for the after party, where we’ll join forces with Fringe: A Film Festival, ( London’s newest answer to queer film and video.

I’m with you.  And everything is happening.


Alun Davies
Bern Roche Farrelly
Edina Husanovic
Marc Harrison Lamb
Jonny Liron
Brian Lobel
Jan Mertens
Owen G. Parry
Lazlo Pearlman
Sophie Robinson
Liz Rosenfeld
Benjamin Sebastian
Caroline Smith
Helena Walsh
Eleanor Weber

Sandra Le (Dick and Fanny)
Jutta Haasman (Squeezebox Berlin)
Queer Council
David Oh (Another Night/Popstarz/Love Machine)
The Sugarlow Boys (Kimono Krush)