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an alienated toast

setting the table: a silent lecture

food (porn)

foodgasm berlin

a fruity critique

a little something extra to take away

Gorge playlist courtesy of Jan Mertens.

All photo credits: I’m With You, ‘Gorge’, Pacitti Company Think Tank, images taken by Christa Holka

HUGE thanks to Robert Pacitti and the terrific folks at Pacitti Company (with special thanks to Kate, James, Sally and Jen)!



On 29 October 2012, we held our last ever I’m with You at Mayola Manor in Lower Clapton, London, the house where I’m with You began in October 2009.

We invited a small group to say goodbye to Mayola with a series of rituals.

GraceLES (R. Justin Hunt) in which all those present stood in all the doors of the house in song led one called Opera in Doors:

Johanna led a seance in the garden under the full moon:

the clouds seemed to part during the seance

Benjamin led a ritual in the kitchen:

My Heart is Your Home by Benjamin Sebastian

Finally, we walked into the woods

to burn things

All of us, Milifields Park, one last time:


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My London 2012

In the years months days leading up to the Olympics I started blaming everything on them. Everything. If something bad happened to me no matter what it was, it was obviously the Olympics’ fault. In fact, I decided that the Olympics were ruining my life—I mean ruining OUR lives. I even tried to get #olympicsareruiningourlives trending. I was becoming so angry about everything related to the Olympics every time I saw LONDON 2012 (which was/in constantly) I wanted to smash something. Every time I got an email in my inbox from TFL (London’s public transport) saying I can’t cycle in this lane because it’s Olympics this or that, that this tube line was shut, or the overground was shut without notice two times in two days…. FUCKING OLYMPICS!?!^£%$”^$£%”^.

And let me just say, It’s not just oh poor me getting anywhere in London is the worst nightmare right now, it’s that it’s taking massive amounts of public money and turning it to corporate profit (or is it, or are we all going to continue to suffer for corporate loss, in fact) while providing one of the most comprehensive excuses for cynical ‘urban renewal’ ever… plus, coming at a time when the NHS is being taken away, yet there is all this money to spend on everything Olympics?!?! but I digress…

But then, something happened. Well a few things happened. First, there was the torch relay, which, like everything olympics, I was going to avoid at all costs, but how could I; it was taking up every major street where I live to everywhere else. But what’s more, I got a call from Lyall Hakaria of Vogue Fabrics (East London’s hottest nastiest basement venue) asking me to come down to take a “Class Photo” of Vogue’s best dressed family of queers as the Olympic Torch passed by. As disgusted as I had been feeling toward the Olympics, how could I not? And so I did. Unfortunately I was in such a hurry that I turned up with my DSLR without its memory card so all I could do is snap away on my iPhone but, hey, it works.

Here are the biggest stars of the torch relay in Dalston (click on the image for the full album):

After that, I thought, well, that is the closest I’m getting to the Olympics that’s it over and done. And then on the night of the Opening Ceremony, I was minding my own business, hanging out at Stav B’s Darkroom when all of a sudden this group of what looked like nurses on roller skates rolled into the bar. I am not even kidding.  Look here:

I didn’t know what to make of them but then my friend Alison (who had just watched most of the opening ceremonies) gasped, “Wait! I’ve just seen them on tv!” and I learned that these nurses on roller skates had just performed in the Opening Ceremony. I watched them roll around the place, pull up their skirts and fall over drunk. It was amazing.

The torch relay and the nurses on roller skates, they are just my minor brushes with the Olympics. Somewhat circumstantial, somehow intentional, always just like a lot of how I work between intention and circumstance (whether I like it or not). And then the first day of the games began.  I was doing my usual morning news trolling and I saw these two images first thing, first images I saw of the Olympics.

And I was like oh haaaay, OLYMPICS! And somehow I saw a few more. I can’t remember how I got from these images of the Russian volleyball teammates (left) and the one of the German volleyball teammates (right) but something happened and I couldn’t be stopped. And I can’t be stopped. I’ve let go of most of my anger and blame and otherwise unpleasant attitude toward the Olympics and am now focused on seeing the Olympics just in this particular way full of—well, have a look, this is My London 2012 (click the photo for the full album, which at the time of this writing has over 100 images):


Foodgasm Berlin Presents: “Lessons”


You Can’t toast a fucking bagel at 11:30 in the morning? That is a symptom of a sick society!


You want to invite him to sleep on your living room floor for a week and break him… but really, that’s what needs to happen to you.


We are a coffee shop, not a restaurant.


Failure is just something to hide behind.


Hard Love.


Déjà vu.


I don’t want to do him, I like him.


Let the other people toast them, it’s important to know everything.


A judgement free brainstorming session.


Process. And Processing.


Foodgasm Berlin is a cosmic collision of lady feelings, process, food, memories and witchy archival behavior between queer, Berlin based, filmmakers Sam Icklow and Liz Rosenfeld.



In conjunction with Sundown Schoolhouse for Queer Home Economics/Wide Open School at the Hayward Gallery. Many thanks to Fritz Haeg and Dr. Ben Campkin for the invitation.

With: Season Butler, Becky Cremin, Foodgasm: Sam Icklow & Liz Rosenfeld, Four Second Decay, Warren Garland, Alison Henry, Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt, Eirini Kartsaki, ASM Kobayashi, Johanna Linsley, Brian Lobel, Jan Mertens, Mysti, Owen Parry, Dan Paz, Hannes Ribarits, Sophie Robinson, Benjamin Sebastian, Jungmin Song, Helena Walsh, Lois Weaver, Eleanor Weber

Document #1: Four Second Decay, Moving Home

Document #2: Foodgasm, Lessons

Document #3: Eleanor Weber, K& me (on a rainy day)

Photos by Christa Holka

I’m With You @ the Hayward Gallery

I’m With You
in association with Sundown School House of Queer Home Economics

@ The Hayward Gallery
Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Saturday, 16 June, 2012
£10, you may purchase day tickets at the door on the day.

I’m With You
enters the Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics on a Saturday, 16 June for nine hours of performative intervention.

We wonder: how do you make yourself at home?

Season Butler
Becky Cremin
Foodgasm: Sam Icklow & Liz Rosenfeld
Four Second Decay
Warren Garland
Alison Henry
Christa Holka
R. Justin Hunt
Eirini Kartsaki
ASM Kobayashi
Johanna Linsley
Brian Lobel
Jan Mertens
Owen Parry
Dan Paz
Hannes Ribarits
Sophie Robinson
Benjamin Sebastian
Jungmin Song
Helena Walsh
Lois Weaver
Eleanor Weber

RUNNING ORDER HERE (subject to change)

* and with special thanks to Fritz Haeg and Dr. Ben Campkin for inviting I’m With You to partake in this event.




photo by Julia Ross

Performance/interventions/provocations/organisational infrastructure by: Season Butler, Jesse Darling, Eleanor Weber, The Walsh/Beiderman family, Mary Paterson, Sophie Robinson, Arkem, Caroline Smith, Jan Mertens, Johanna Linsley, R. Justin Hunt, Christa Holka

A coordinated set of un-harmonious performance outbursts, with friends of I’m with you contributing song-length flash performances to the growing alternative investment structure.

The event was a collaboratively and simply produced presentation of complicated (or not so complicated) ideas, emotions and experiences related to occupation, solidarity, righteous anger and desire (with a healthy dose of ridiculosity, glamour and hysteria).

Download workbook How to Stay Occupied







I’m with you. And everything is happening.

Celebrating our first publication with performers Owen Glyndwr Parry & Eirini Kartsaki who presented an episode of their scatological Lola and Steve epic; Brian Lobel and Season Butler both put their bodies on the line with beautiful/hilarious performance interventions; and musician/artist Áine O’Dwyer and friends brought occult/experimental harp songs.

From 10pm, some of our favorite London DJs took over. Sets from Jenny Woolworth, Princess Michael, Bright Light Bright Light and David Oh.




At: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, performatively engaging with Kane Cunningham’s Cliff House.

In July, 2011, nine of us traveled to Scarborough in North Yorkshire to take up residence at 20 Knipe point, a small bungalow perched on the edge of an eroding cliff. According to the National Trust, the house should have gone over the cliff eighteen months ago, but it’s still hanging on.

The idea was everyone would have their own project, or some people could work in pairs, and the projects would be either planned in advance or develop in response to the house, or else some combination. The main rule was each project would get four pages in a publication we would make, or the pairs would get eight pages.

The resulting performances-for-documentation were composed of bathtub conversations, embroidered text, improvised type-writing, forensic evidence and scatological fiction.  They also subtly recorded the precarity inscribed in this site, from the literal and conceptual precarity Cunningham emphasises in his own discourse around his project, to the interpersonal tensions, conflicts and failures of understanding that often place community-based artworks on the edge.

This book, designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie, is a tangible product of the interactions from that residency, made possible the generous support of I’m with you audiences.

Buy the book

cover art

Scarborough field recording composition: Jan Mertens

Photos: Christa Holka



At: Royal Dalston Hotel/Vogue Fabrics (in collaboration with Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival)

With: Alun Davies, Bern Roche Farrelly, Edina Husanovic, Marc Harrison Lamb/Lazy Susan, Jonny Liron, Brian Lobel, Jan Mertens, Owen G. Parry, Lazlo Pearlman, Sophie Robinson, Liz Rosenfeld, Benjamin Sebastian, Caroline Smith, Helena Walsh, Eleanor Weber

DJs: Sandra Le (Dick and Fanny), Jutta Haasman (Squeezebox Berlin), Queer Council, David Oh (Another Night/Popstarz/Love Machine), The Sugarlow Boys (Kimono Krush)

Photos by Georgie M’Glug

Photos by Mei Chan

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