These objects document past work, intervene in the social situations we set up, and support future work, in our London-based and off-site residency programming.

OBJECT 1: TRIFOLD MANIFESTO (a working document)

IWY Manifesto Trifold


IWY6: Scarborough

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From 28th-30th July, 2011 I’m with you took over UK artist Kane Cunningham’s Cliffside “House” in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Our group of artists responded to the space in a series of performances-for-documentation. The resulting performances-for-documentation were composed of bathtub conversations, embroidered text, improvised type-writing, forensic evidence and scatological fiction.  They also subtly recorded the precarity inscribed in this site, from the literal and conceptual precarity Cunningham emphasises in his own discourse around his project, to the interpersonal tensions, conflicts and failures of understanding that often place community-based artworks on the edge.

This book, designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie, is a tangible product of the interactions from that residency, made possible the generous support of I’m with you audiences. Your purchase offers a glimpse into our weekend, the work, and supports future residencies.

Artists participating in IWY Scarborough included project organizers Christa Holka, Johanna Linsley and R. Justin Hunt, and artists Eirini Kartsaki, Liz Rosenfeld, Jan Mertens, Owen Glyndwyr Parry, Season Butler and Sophie Robinson. The resulting publication was designed by Vanessa O’Reilly and Emma Leslie.

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IWY 8: Occupy the Bank of Ideas

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How to Stay Occupied offers instructions for persistent action. It is the result of I’m With You 8, a coordinated set of un-harmonious performance outbursts which erupted on 8 December, 2011 at the Bank of Ideas – Occupy London’s public space for non-monetary trade of ideas.

Artists participating in the event: Season Butler, Jesse Darling, Eleanor Weber, The Walsh/Beiderman family,  Mary Paterson, Sophie Robinson, Arkem Mark, Caroline Smith, Jan Mertens, Johanna Linsley, R. Justin Hunt, Christa Holka.


IWY 3: Clapton Gardens

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Can you provide me with a set of three* miraculous sentences?


The miraculous is pithy. And comes in threes.

Miraculous Continuum contributors: Mary Paterson, Rachel Lois Clapham, Eleanor Weber, Tamarin Norwood, Maria Goyanes, Ryan Ormonde, Yoko Ishiguro, Alex Eisenberg, Eirini Poulaki, Nora Rabins, Marcus Slease, João Florêncio, Jennifer Tsuei, Alex Davies, Elizabeth Guthrie, Nat Raha, Ali Mansour, Julia Rios, Tim Jeeves, Theron Schmidt
Compiled and edited: Johanna Linsley; Painting: Olga Raciborska; Layout: Jan Mertens

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